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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Shark Bite Surfboard Wall Decal
Many people want to have a tropical bedroom design these days. Beach bedroom decor is in high demand, and for good reason. Everyone loves going to the beach, and having a bedroom with a laid back, joyful beach atmosphere. People spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms and it is typically the most used and visited room in the entire house. It makes sense for it to be a place that brings back good memories, eases the mind and is as enjoyable as possible for homeowners. Below are a few ideas for how to decorate a bedroom in such a way easily and without breaking the bank.

At the heart of every beautiful bedroom design is bedding. It is often the first thing that people notice when they walk into a bedroom so it is important that it fits the tropical bedroom theme that the homeowner is going for. There are many bedding options that have a beach theme, many of them featuring palm trees, gorgeous white sand and shining sun. A bedding design that is inspired by a beach setting should go together seamlessly from the pillow cases down to the sheets and comforter. Beach bedding can be found in most stores, but a lot of people are turning to the Internet to find such products. An online store will allow them to browse many more types and pick the choice that is just right for their room.

Beach themed artwork is another perfect way to spice up a room and make it look like a tropical paradise. Many people choose to put up photos and paintings from various famous beach areas around the world.

Other decorations and accessories to complement this artwork is also key. These decorations could include lamps, rugs or any other item that fits the theme. Many people choose these accessories to fit with a more specific beach theme, such as Hawaiian bedroom decor or a water sport such as surfing or boating. Circular boat floats and surf boards are easy to come across and make a perfect decoration to put on the wall of the room or leaning in a corner.

These are just a few of the simple ways that people can make their dreams of the perfect beach bedroom decor come true. This is an increasingly popular bedroom theme and for good reason. It is nice for homeowners to be able to go to a beach escape whenever they walk into their bedroom.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bring Your Vacation Home

Seashore Decor
For those that love the beach it seems they just can't get enough of it. They leave the beach with sadness because they don't want to be without it until their next trip to the sea. When they choose to bring their vacation home and use beach decor to decorate their home, they can be reminded of their favorite place all year round.

There are many ways that they can bring their love of the beach into their home. They can choose to purchase beach decor such as coastal art for their walls hanging ornaments or even as funky lighting pieces.

Sometimes a person chooses to concentrate their nautical decor in a few rooms of their home like a bedroom and bathroom. Seashell decor is especially popular for bathrooms. Many people like to use seashells from their trips to the beach and place them in vases or baskets to show them off. When they add in seashell decor they purchase, it makes a bathroom come together very nicely.

Beach bedding is very popular and a great way to make it clear what the decorating theme of a room is. There is beach bedding in various colors and designs. There is beach bedding that sports floral designs, surfboards, surfers, and even ocean life. There are options for young boys and girls, teenagers and bedding that is geared more toward adults—there is a little something for all beach lovers.

There are many ways that a person can bring the beach home with them whether they choose to showcase their love for the sea through coastal art or nautical decor. However they decide to use beach decor in their home, it will remind them of the place they love the most when they enter and give them a feeling of contentment and happiness.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bring the sunset home

Island Paradise Lampshade

There are some days when the sound of tropical waves crashing on the shore and the smells of an island breeze seem entirely out of reach. As a beach lover and fan of the warm sand between your toes, you may enjoy bringing a bit of the tropics into your home. If you are looking to transform a room or your entire home into a Hawaiian beach theme. Bring the Sunset Home has all of the products you need to get started. With everything from Hawaiian lamps to tropical lampshades, our items will accent any room and give it a warm, tropical feeling.

For the bedroom
Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis with some of our finest beach-themed products. We have three main styles to choose from including Hawaiian, tropical and surf. We carry everything from comforters, tropical-themed bedding, beach lampshades, duvet covers, pillows and quilts. Mix and match our style combinations to come up with a look that is all your own! Our Sand Dunes Beach, bedding offers a neutral and tranquil look that allows you to add, to the design elements with brighter colors if necessary. Pair this look up with our tan and white Stitch Sand Dollar pillow, the tan Stitch Seahorse pillow or the Surf Arrow pillow. Add some seashore decor pieces or highlight with deep reds, blues or pure whites. A bedside table is the perfect location for a beach lampshade. Accent your private bedroom space with our beach art that accents any room that has a tropical feel to it.

Decorate your deck or porch
If you have a cottage or cabin by the beach, accenting your porch or deck with a nautical or Hawaiian tropical theme will create a surf vibe as you entertain guests and family. String a seashell garland along the deck area, and light a path way with tiki lights. Fill in spaces with our metal signs including “Gone Surfing” and "Highway 101 Woody” among just a few. Finish off your look with a surf rug so guests feel right at home as they enter the door.

Accent any room in your home
Even if you are focused on other design elements throughout your home, adding subtle nautical or tropical-themed decor items such as surf lamps, or switching out an outdated shade; to a fresh beach lampshade can recreate the entire feel of a room. If you have a coffee table shadowbox that holds your favorite seaside shells and finds, you can accent end tables with Hawaiian or tropical decor. Add some tropical flair to your windows by highlighting your decor with  tropical-themed curtains. Accentuate an entryway with a mini-surfboard sign and Island Blue switch plates. Let guests know that you love the beach and have them feel welcome right away.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beach Rugs Bring the Beach to You

Girls Longboard Rug
There are a number of novelty rugs that allow people to bring certain themes into their rooms. The array of beach rugs available now allows people to add a touch of the beach to a recreation room, bathroom or even their bedroom.

Among the different design used for beach rugs are the styles created to look like surfboards. The surfboard rugs are shaped in an elongated style with a pointed tip and flat back end. This makes them look exactly like a surfboard. The shape is enhanced by the colors and patterns used on the surface of the rug. The surfboard rugs usually have stripes running down the center section which are in contrast with the solid color used for the rest of the rug. The colors available for these rugs include bright orange, turquoise blue, gray, pink and black. These hip novelty rugs can be used to accent a teenager's bedroom by placing them in front of a bed, dresser or desk. They can also be used to enhance a beach themed bathroom by placing them in front of the tub or shower.

In addition to the rugs created to look like surfboards, there are also other beach themes using turtles and sandals. The sandal rugs are designed to look like a pair of beach flip flops placed side by side. This unusual type of rug has a solid colored outline to create the illusion of the rubber bottom as well as solid colored fibers running down the center in the shape of the thong straps. The main surface area where the foot would normally be placed on the sandal is decorated with patterns of tropical flowers. Sandal rugs can also be used to accentuate a teen's bedroom as well as a child's bedroom. They can also be used in a bathroom or a recreation room designed with tropical décor.

The turtle rugs are both colorful and whimsical so they can be used in rooms where children play or sleep. These rugs have the classic round shape for the body with protruding sections for the four legs and the head. The outer area on these rugs is solid colored in shades of blue, pink or green, with the inner area made of patterned fibers in the shapes of tropical flowers. All of the beach themed rugs can also be used to accent a sun room, sauna or pool room where the furnishings are also of a beach or tropical nature.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Surf's Up Baby!

Hawaiian Surf Print Baby Bedding
This piece will be taking a look at a few of the reasons that parents might want to go with Hawaiian baby bedding or surfer baby bedding. Believe it or not, there are actually many great arguments out there. This is especially true for those parents that already have this theme present within their home.

Maybe some people own a home in Hawaii or a similar area. If the rest of your home has a Hawaiian theme then why would your child's room be any different? There is no reason to go against the grain simply because the room is the baby's room. These designs actually complement a baby's room quite well.

Let's not forget that these themes work in so many homes because, no matter what room you decide to implement them into, they offer softer pastel types of colors such as softer pinks, and blues and purplish hues. These tones are all baby friendly in the first place. Even if the rest of the home does not have a Hawaiian theme, or a surfer theme, any home with a softer pastel scheme could easily accommodate a baby room with surfing style decor. Also, remember that white is a good wall color because many of these designs have a base white within them.

Some of the bedding is really quite neat as far as designs go. There are the simpler designs, but there are also those designs that feature embroidered artwork of surf boards and waves. Even when the child gets older he or she is likely to appreciate such a design scheme. Don't forget that these smaller pieces of bedding can be stored away just in case another baby was to come along in the future.

There are many online retailers that specialize in selling these themes. Some offer them among other distinctive themes while others might specialize solely in these themes. The typical search engine search should display plenty of catalog style images for the decorator to consider. Since this is one of the most popular types of baby bedding themes, there are actually many designs to choose from when dealing with most retailers.

Surfer baby bedding or Hawaiian baby bedding really is a good choice for many of the reasons discussed above. One doesn't have to live near the beach to vouch for this. Many people that live in the inner city actually enjoy these design schemes simply because they are something fresh and new.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beach Quilts/Seashell Quilts

Island Cottage Beach Quilt
Being surrounded with shells and palm trees can make a person release all worries and cares. The sound of the ocean beating on the sand and birds calling is so relaxing. The warm sun warming the skin and hair; the breeze smelling of salt; it is all so serene.

After the vacation is over and everyone returns home, people miss the experience of being at the beach.

There is nothing better at capturing that feeling of relaxing at the ocean than decorating the bedroom in a beach theme. It can be so easy to do! Cover the walls with picture frames filled with photos from the vacation. Framing a favorite shell is a great way to memorialize the trip. Bringing items from the beach home help embody that beach-side feeling long after the trip is over.

Beach quilts are a great way to pull the décor together. They come in all colors and styles!

For kids and young adults, surf themed quilts are wonderful. The colors are bright and the block styling makes it youthful and trendy. Also look for quilts that have a patchwork style because it can have a variety of colors all on the same quilt. Another great option is a beach quilt with a flip-flop design. That shoe is iconic of days spent at the beach and will surely remind anyone of a fun memory playing in the sand.

For a more reserved palette, seashell quilts are beautiful. Greens, blues, and sand tones really stand out against the fair bone shades of shells. Whether seashell quilts that have more range in color or mono-tone are preferred, they are always a statement in a beach-themed bedroom. Bold neutrals are an excellent choice for a bedroom. Corals and blues match wonderfully with soft browns. Quilts that have those colors are always beautiful.

Whatever style appeals the most, whether it is bold and bright or neutral, beach quilts fit every style. Beach quilts can bring back memories of a fun vacation or bring home the serenity found sitting on the sand.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bring The Beach To You

Welcome To The Beach Sign
Most people are busy 24/7 and can’t take time off to go to the beach. Juggling work and kids, and making time to cook can take up your whole day. Finding something to take you away from it all can make your day a lot more enjoyable. If you’re crazy about the beach and the way it makes you feel—bring the beach to you.

When you need a getaway but don’t have the time, decorate your home with vintage surf art to give you the view you long for. Swaying palm trees and waves crashing on the shore can make you feel like you’re really there.

Remember the good ol’ days by hanging some beach wall decor of an old vintage VW hippie van, or cover your light switch with a beach scene to brighten your day every time you flip the switch. Add some sea shells and flip flops, and maybe a hermit crab to complete the scene.

Hang 10 with surfer beach signs, cook some crabs and lobster to eat beside your old beach shack restaurant sign, or turn a spritzer fan on and enjoy some saltwater taffy while sitting in front of your own view of the ocean.

Out by the pool is a great place to decorate as well. Place a surfboards by the fence, some sand by the pool, and some vintage surf art on the walls to create your own blue lagoon.

There are many ways you can bring the beach to you. Decorating with vintage beach wall art will make your home feel like a new exciting place or maybe a familiar old one you love so much.

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