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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach Themed Decorative Switch Plates For Your Home

Island Blue Switchplates

Have you ever wished switch plates came in fun designs and lively colors? Maybe matched the wall paper or decor? Do you sometimes wish that dirt marks left by little grubby hands could be better hidden, or the plates are easier to clean? Now you can do so with decorative switch plates.

The good news is there are colorful and tastefully designed light switch plates in existence for home-use and not just restricted to museums and art galleries. Of special mention are beach themed wall plates which have photo-realistic graphics like brightly colored surfboards standing tall with a pristine beach in the background. Some switch plates feature vintage poster art or artwork from famous painters, while others have classic Hawaiian hibiscus prints. Each of these plates adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise drab-looking wall.

These beach themed wall plates aren't your usual mass produced overseas low-quality light switch covers that crack or break with frequent use. Instead these durable decorative switch plates have concealed screws and are resistant to breakage. Each switch plate is completely hand-crafted right here in U.S. and have not the usual one but three coats of sealer to give them a smooth glossy finish over a decoupage layer of high-resolution graphic such that dirt, grease, and other stains will not stick. To clean, simply wipe off with a dry cloth.

Beach themed wall plates come in several sizes. Single decorative light switchcovers, double decorative switch plates, triple switch covers, plates for single rocker switches and decorated outlet covers. They each look fabulous on solid non-white colored walls as they do on artistically painted walls. Finish off your beautifully painted walls with decorated light switch covers instead of boring stark white ones which would otherwise stick out like a sore thumb.

Switch plates and outlet covers in beach themed graphics come in plenty of designs to choose from. Classic hibiscus prints in several dual-colored combinations, dolphins swimming in the deep blue ocean, surf's up, or a surfer riding the waves. There are even 1950's and 1960's inspired artwork for a retro look, a time when the Beach Boys and the Beatles glorified fun in the sun.

If you permanently reside in a beach house, use it as a holiday home, rent it out, or if you live close to the shoreline, how nice it will be to have beach-themed decor right down to the light switch plates. When remodeling your home or when redecorating the kid’s rooms, do consider adding these switch plates as a finishing touch of youthful elegance. If you have a series of switches you may even line single switch plates up in an assortment of patterns. Mix and match them up for fun and a pop of vibrant color.

Decorative switch plates make perfect gifts for house warming parties and weddings alike. As they are not easily found in retail stores, their uniqueness will surely delight even the most fussy of recipients and make interesting conversation pieces. Do you know of anyone who collects beach-themed items? These switch plates will be a perfect addition to their hobby. It is truly amazing how decorated pieces of switch plates can instantly enliven the mood.


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