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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bring In The Beach With The Rug!

Flip Flop Rug
Decorating dorms, living rooms, huts, study rooms and bedrooms with rugs is a decorating trend that will probably never die out. A rug adds color to a room and complements the existing furniture, often tying the colors of the room together. Rugs also serve many other practical purposes, they provide comfort to the feet, they reduce transfer of noise especially on wooden floors, they help reduce echoes in rooms with little furniture and can be pretty useful in covering up permanent stains. Since the décor in a room represents the style and lifestyle of the people who use the space, choosing the right ones is very important.

An extremely fun and popular choice is definitely beach themed rugs. Beach themed rugs are colorful, exciting and extremely welcoming. Just like the beach, these soft room companions offer a calming and peaceful get away. Pick from the different beach themed rugs; like teal colored flip flops or a light blue turtle rug, which are a really perfect reminder of the beach. Not only do the great pastel beach colors add an aesthetic appeal to any room, the fun designs are great conversation starters. Beach area rugs are also an exciting addition to the room. With cool images of white and blue waters, sea shells, palms, sandy shores and star fish, a beach themed rug is really amazing in enhancing the interior and can really refresh a dull looking room. Good quality beach area rugs are 100 percent cotton and extremely soft, comfortable and machine washable. These are also great to have around with kids as they have non-slip backs that prevent them from slipping around, especially if kids or pets run around. Decorate the summer house, guest room or living room with these and instantly brighten up the space!

For surfing lovers, there is a great variety and choice of surfboard rugs out there. Teenagers and college goers especially love surf and beach themed rooms and it gives them a connection with their living space. For younger children, creating beach themed rooms is a great and fun idea too. Select surfboard rugs that complement the overall design chosen for a beach themed room. From blue to pink to purple, there are many surfboard rugs available in high quality, with non-slip backs and 100 percent cotton, making the perfect accessory to help bring some sun, surf and play into the room. Surf board rugs are also great for taking along to dorm rooms that are often narrower, shared spaces. Since the shape fits in perfectly in skinnier spaces, these make for an adequate interior decoration option.

When going for beach rug shopping, keep in mind the design of the interior space that will house the mat. Choose colors and shapes that will complement the room and remember to take along the kids if it’s for them. There are many floral varieties and stripes for girls and more solid, darker colored ones for boys. Invest in these cool decoration options and look for high quality options that will be long lasting.


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