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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cowabunga! It’s Beach Sign Time!

Beach Arrow Sign
Every September thousands of students face the same annoying question: how to turn those impersonal dorm-room walls into something fun and unique. This is where beach signs come in. Simple, colorful, and inexpensive, outdoor beachsigns are an ideal way to make an individual statement in a cookie-cutter atmosphere.

Beach themed signs aren’t just for students, either. Anyone who loves the sand and surf, and whose favorite outfit is a bathing suit will like the look of today’s outdoor signs. Surf signs look terrific in dens, in outdoor rooms, on porches and patios, and anywhere that features a casual, laid-back décor. Metal signs, whether they celebrate classic surf movies or simply point the way, have a rustic charm all their own. Beach themed mirrors are great for applying sunscreen, while surf signs that feature vintage Woodies appeal to the back-in-the-day crowd. Anyone who remembers the classic VW van will want an outdoor beach sign displaying that timeless “surf bus.” For the pool house or changing room, there are warm wood or evocative metal wall hangers, with hooks for baggy trunks or polka-dot bikinis. Students who find themselves in colder climes will appreciate outdoor beach signs that celebrate favorite California or Hawaii surf hangouts.

One aspect of outdoor signs’ appeal is the way they tweak standard road and traffic signs. For example, the familiar yellow rectangle, usually bearing such legends as “School Crossing” or “Slow Down-Trucks,” looks different and new with the picture of a surfer and a surfing slogan. Warnings to surfers about assuming risks come across as playful and tongue-in-cheek, when inscribed in hip script on red metal. And since beach lovers come in both sexes, there are plenty of cleverly worded signs in pink for surfer girls.

Because beach themed signs feature a variety of sizes, there’s one for each space in the room or outside. Metal signs have that air of authority; wooden ones display a hand-made look that’s in tune with the whole beach mood of relaxation and simplicity. In some cases, it’s even possible to create a custom, personalized sign, so that family and guests can be welcomed to “Scott’s Board Shop” or “Lisa’s Beach Shack” when they drop in for some surf talk.

Of course, the ageless quality of life lived next to the ocean creates a natural affinity for vintage signs. Whether they tell where to park or how much a hot dog costs, a vintage beach sign has instant appeal to folks of every age. We all grew up looking at signs, some of which now trigger powerful associations; what could be more satisfying than actually owning a sign like the ones remembered from childhood?

For whatever reason, beach themed signs are here to stay. When plans call for a seaside look, whether it’s a room, an outdoor space, or an entire beach house, consumers today will be looking at beach signs to help create that sunny, breezy, carefree feeling that everyone loves.


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