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Friday, August 31, 2012

Create Your Own Tropical Escape!

Pink Hawaiian Comforter Set
A bedroom is a great room to create a tropical escape in your home. You have various options available to decorate the room. If you love the beach or want to create a tropical design, then a tropical theme for your bedroom is a great idea. The focal point in a bedroom is often the bed. A comforter or bedding can have a Hawaiian, beach or surfer theme.


A tropical themed room is a space that should be peaceful and calming. This means accessories need to be low-key and not overdone. Walls need to have a lighter color to keep your room warm and bright. A painting or picture of the ocean or beach can be used to pull various colors together. You can then carry the theme throughout the rest of the room.


Various types of accessories can be added to your tropical themed room. Find wood furniture pieces or any type of bamboo art. Tropical plants can also be added to bring green colors into the room. You may prefer live plants or use artificial plants. Rugs can also be added to give the appearance of sand.


Many options for bedding can be used in a tropical themed room. The bedding should complement the other design elements in the room. You can choose beach themed bedding, surfer bedding, tropical bedding, or Hawaiian bedding. If you prefer beach bedding, then look for designs with fish, shells or surf boards. A pillow that is shaped like a sea shell can also be added to the bed.


Find chairs and furniture pieces that look like wicker. Wicker chairs are commonly on the beach. Add a cushion that has colors that will brighten the room. Another option is to add a beach table for use with a reading chair.


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We often receive questions asking "what is a Duvet Cover" A duvet cover is like a big pillowcase for your comforter. Many people prefer duvet covers so they can put a nice fluffy comforter inside and they are also easier to wash and easier to store. They also make it easier to change your decor without having to purchase a new comforter.