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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pink Turtle Rug

Pink Turtle Rug
Part of the fun of being a girly girl is having a pretty pink room, complete with pink wall paint, pretty bedding and pink floor rugs. But, everything can't be pink, can it? Think of it this way, if the color pink is adored, then it should be flaunted! The color pink doesn't limit a room as much as some might think either. It can be used in as many ways as the mind can imagine it! If a young girl has a love for pink turtle rugs, Hawaiian prints and all things surfer, a perfect bedroom can be created for her.

Begin the makeover by clearing the bedroom. This is a great way to sort, organize, give away and throw out stuff! Next, choose a wall treatment based on the theme and bedding that is desired. If the bed linens are going to be busy and colorful, then pull a couple of colors from that. For example, a green and a pink could be used for a paint treatment that puts one color halfway up the wall and the other on the top half. Finish the look with crisp painted chair rails on each wall. Or, choose one fabulous color for the top half of the room and put bead board on the bottom half. This allows the room to be easily altered in the future just by changing the top paint color.

Once the painting is finished, flooring can be chosen. Consider wood flooring or even a look alike wood, and then add a pink rug or a cute turtle rug, if desired! If carpet throughout is preferred, a pink Berber would be a fun choice. There are countless options, but both of these offer warmth and personalized style.

With bedding and pink floor rugs chosen, and the walls painted pretty, it is now time for the super fun part! After the furniture is in an acceptable arrangement, it's accessory time! First, dress the bed in the chosen surfer style or Hawaiian theme print. Then, bring in all the pretties such as the pink turtle rug, sporty surfer lamps and girly, fluffy throw pillows. Add in a white desk, a comfy chair or two and some shelving. The shelves can be filled with favorite books, surf decor and kitschy beach frames.

Additional organizational items to add could include, a closet organizational system to extend roominess, colorful hooks for light jackets and bags, and school supply baskets, bins or containers. Wall art and decor will finish the room, just as bling tops off an outfit! Think outside the box for a unique touch. Buy or print some vintage surf signs. Frame them in shades of pink, being sure to match the pink rug, lamps and linens. Coordinate, is actually a better word than match. As the room is surveyed the eye should be filled with pleasure as it scans the decor. Soothing colors, layered textures and unique touches are all signs that the turtle rug room is a success!


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