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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Surfer Girl Bedding

Surfer Girl Beddin
There are plenty of bedroom makeover ideas to choose from, but the trend in teen bedding and room decor is the wildly popular beach theme! Girls everywhere are choosing surfer girl bedding, pillows and sheet sets. The typical colors for this theme are light and aqua blue, various hues of green, shades of sand and certain pinks. With this many choices of color, choosing a wall paint for the beach themed bedding and bedroom makeover should be a snap. If it is a bedroom and bathroom redo, choose a different bathroom paint color, or shade for extra fun!

Girls bedding choices in the beach motifs are simply adorable for any young girl. Once one of the girls bedding sets have been selected, bring them into a home improvement store in order to shop for wall treatments. An amazing amount of choices will present themselves. There are two toned stripe looks, half wall paint and half wallpaper looks, full room paint and intricate murals, and more! Be sure to allow plenty of time for browsing so that no rush decisions are made. Once the paint is mixed and ready, be sure to get all available painting tips from the salesman. Bringing the bedding sets in is the surest way to get a match!

Next, take the surfer girl bedding to the furniture store. This is a great way to see immediately how the bedding sets or set will look with various types of finishes of furniture. Naturally, white furniture is an easy pick for beach themed bedding. If the room style is to have a bit more nautical boyishness to it, then wood finishes should be considered. Once the bedroom furnishing choices have been narrowed down, take some time to look around at desk chairs, decorative wall shelves and other must have teen pieces!

Girls bedding is not the only piece of the room redo puzzle, there are plenty of other items needed. Accessories will complete the look for the teen and her new beach themed teen bedding! A discount store is a great source for all those extras, such as closet organizers, storage baskets, picture frames and wall art. Don't forget bathroom decor! The bathroom will need a shower curtain, colorful rugs, linens and counter top accessories. If extra storage is needed, a small chest or free standing shelf that coordinates with the new bedroom furniture could be purchased.

After much decision making and plenty of work has been done, putting the surfer girl room together will be the reward! After the bed or beds and girls bedding sets have been positioned, bring in the desk, shelves and other furniture. Make sure the teen is happy with the set up and feels it is functional as well as cool! Consider gutsy touches like using surfboards as shelving. Hang light strings on every wall and mount grass skirts, coconut bras and leis as unique art pieces! Lastly, add textured throw pillows, soft throws, vintage wall signs and cute buckets of seashells.


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