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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Using Seashell Lights as Accents

Seashell Garland
The beach theme is growing in popularity all over the world. In any setting, county or city, grassy fields or marshland, snowy mountains or desert sand dunes, a touch of the ocean can make any place feel like home. Many people have taken to using the beach theme for their porches, patios, bathrooms, kitchens, and even weddings. There is no denying the allure of the ocean after having seen it once.

However, there in lays the question: where to start with the decoration? In most cases, decoration begins with the lights. Lighting is crucial to consider first because it will give the mood of the room or scene one is trying to display. It highlights the good parts of the room, and, if used correctly, shadows the parts that are not as pleasing to the eye, such as cords and any other imperfections in the room.

A string of seashell lights is the perfect accent to any beach theme. They can serve as patio lights, laced around posts or through the lattice topping a gazebo. Wound around the plants in a garden just below the patio gives the seashell string lights the illusion of being washed ashore. Spreading sand throughout the garden can help to both cover the cords of the seashell lights and create an ambiance.

Beach-themed weddings have become a very fashionable occasion and yet are oftentimes lacking in originality. Fastening seashell lighting around the altar can make for beautiful beach wedding favors, and can make those magic moments even more wonderful. Hanging the lights throughout various places in the reception unifies the unique lighting technique and accent the bride to make her sparkle more for her special day. Matching the seashell string lights with other beach wedding favors such as palm trees along the seating area will unite the beautiful beach representation.

Alternatively, the seashell lighting can be used even in the home. Beach-themed bathrooms give a crisp, clean feel to the owner of the home and guest alike. Stringing the lights around a mirror, or hanging them from the ceiling is a beautiful, yet elegant way to entice plentiful compliments. They give the understated feeling of a home away from home, suggesting a paradise can be found even in the coziest of places. A few small cocktail parasols placed in various containers in the bathroom add a lovely feeling of vacation, and hibiscuses in the bathroom window are simple, effective ways to continue the theme.

To match the bathroom, another string of seashell lights may hang beneath the mesh canopy of a four-poster bed. Children will sleep more soundly in their rooms with these shells to light the nighttime for them. Parents will sleep more soundly knowing their children are happy and feeling safe.

No matter the occasion, no matter the setting, these lights make for the perfect accent to any beach theme. They can serve has patio lights, as nightlights, or serve any other need imaginable. They are a wonderful way to keep any scenery a breathtaking one.


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