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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beach and Surf Pillows

Aloha Girl Pillow
Some of the most popular decorations for the home now are beach inspired. From the low key surfing lifestyle to lush tropical paradises, it is easy to decorate a room with a few inspired pieces. Soon you can have a room that feels like a vacation getaway each time you step in. Surf pillows, beach pillows, Hawaiian pillows and tropical pillows are a few simple things that make a quick transformation to any room.

Children's rooms are a fun place to turn into a surfing resort. Surf pillows can be tossed on the beds and will quickly invoke the fun, sport lifestyle. Surf pillows are also a great place to start as you can begin to match the decor to the pillows. Find signs that match to hang on the wall and curtains to spruce up the windows. Used surfboards can be used a variety of ways; build into a table or hang on the wall as a focal point.

Beach pillows can add fun and whimsy to your couch. From flip flops to palm trees, you can find pillows that suit your personality. If you want a subdued look to your living room, find beach pillows that have the same background color as your couch. You will only need a few pillows to add a fresh look. If you want to carry the theme throughout your living room, consider light colored wicker furniture. Bamboo tables and light stands will also evoke the beach feeling. There are many paintings to choose from to hang on your walls, a swaying palm tree or even surfside sunsets are great additions.

Sun rooms are a wonderful place in the home to relax and unwind. A tropical theme will quickly make you feel as if you had been transported beachside. To make guests feel welcomed and comfortable, scatter plenty of tropical pillows and Hawaiian pillows in the room. Consider straw mats to use as rugs, they are surprisingly durable and comfortable. Collect postcards with pictures of beaches and palm trees. You can use these postcards to mount in collage frames or under glass tables.


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