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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Decorate your walls with a Hawaiian touch

Homemade Surfboard Sign

Having a warm and welcoming room to entertain guests is an essential part for any home looking to be more than a house. Decorating your walls with beach house art to give it a Hawaiian flavor can help turn any room into an inviting, warm and comfortable place to entertain guests. Even when the weather is cold outside.

Bright, beach themed colors, like sand yellow, sky blue and sea shell pink combined with vintage beach art, and surf wall art will immediately provide a feeling of welcoming, and warmth for you and your guests. The walls are the most critical part of a room, they dominate them, and are the first thing our eyes are drawn to. It's imperative that they convey the message and feeling that you intend. Vintage looking signs that look straight out of another era can invoke feelings, of a simpler time, or simply give your guests something interesting or fun to look at.

Hanging up a surfboard, with surfboard art often being impressive and interesting in itself, can convey a message of fun and adventure. No one feels more free than a surfer riding the break of a wave, you can bring that feeling into your house with either, an actual surfboard with art on it or art of surfboards. No beach house art collection would be complete without some sort of nod towards surfboards and surfing.

Not everyone gets to live in a tropical paradise like Hawaii, but with vintage beach art and a little bit of interior decorating know-how, you can have a room that feels as warm and inviting as the Aloha State itself.


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