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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tropical and Hawaiian Fabrics Complement the Beach Style

Hawaiian Print Curtain and Valance

When decorating any room, there are many aspects that need to be considered. All parts of a room contribute to the overall design and ambiance. Therefore, it is important to consider what type of feel is wanted in a particular room. There are many different styles to choose from including traditional, Victorian, art deco, and beach style. The style that is really fun is the beach style. This brings an exotic feel to any home and makes every day feel like a vacation.

The beach style makes use of tropical colors and patterns. Furnishings in this design include natural and carved woods. Glass furnishings can also be used but metal is not often included. Walls are painted with a neutral color to allow the vibrant colors to really shine. These neutrals can also involve light blues, pinks, or teals to complement the vibrant tropical colors. Where the bright colors come in is in the fabrics, especially curtains and valances. Tropical curtains and tropical valances are a great way to bring in colorful island prints. These tropical curtains are sure to make the design feel fresh and new. Tropical valances are a good choice because they can be paired with a more neutral curtain for a more restrained look.

A different way to achieve the beach style is to use Hawaiian curtains. These prints take the tropical theme and add designs that are purely Hawaiian. These designs include tropical flowers including Hibiscus, which look great in Hawaiian curtains. They come in many different colors ranging from bright to more subdued. Hawaiian valances are a great way to add the exotic touch that complements the design. Combining tropical fabrics with Hawaiian valances are a fun way to mix things up. The finishing touches for a tropical theme are fun accessories.

There are many accessories that help complete the beach style. The design feels complete when tropical fabrics are accented with large plants and ferns. Mirrors help reflect this tropical look throughout the room. Other accessories include masks and carvings from exotic areas. Natural materials help finish off the room and give it a polished appearance. Choosing the right design style can be a fun endeavor. A tropical beach bungalow theme is a great design style to use in any room. It is especially fun in family rooms or bedrooms. It creates an exotic oasis that is an escape from the rest of the world.


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