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Friday, October 12, 2012

Beach Quilts/Seashell Quilts

Island Cottage Beach Quilt
Being surrounded with shells and palm trees can make a person release all worries and cares. The sound of the ocean beating on the sand and birds calling is so relaxing. The warm sun warming the skin and hair; the breeze smelling of salt; it is all so serene.

After the vacation is over and everyone returns home, people miss the experience of being at the beach.

There is nothing better at capturing that feeling of relaxing at the ocean than decorating the bedroom in a beach theme. It can be so easy to do! Cover the walls with picture frames filled with photos from the vacation. Framing a favorite shell is a great way to memorialize the trip. Bringing items from the beach home help embody that beach-side feeling long after the trip is over.

Beach quilts are a great way to pull the d├ęcor together. They come in all colors and styles!

For kids and young adults, surf themed quilts are wonderful. The colors are bright and the block styling makes it youthful and trendy. Also look for quilts that have a patchwork style because it can have a variety of colors all on the same quilt. Another great option is a beach quilt with a flip-flop design. That shoe is iconic of days spent at the beach and will surely remind anyone of a fun memory playing in the sand.

For a more reserved palette, seashell quilts are beautiful. Greens, blues, and sand tones really stand out against the fair bone shades of shells. Whether seashell quilts that have more range in color or mono-tone are preferred, they are always a statement in a beach-themed bedroom. Bold neutrals are an excellent choice for a bedroom. Corals and blues match wonderfully with soft browns. Quilts that have those colors are always beautiful.

Whatever style appeals the most, whether it is bold and bright or neutral, beach quilts fit every style. Beach quilts can bring back memories of a fun vacation or bring home the serenity found sitting on the sand.


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