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Friday, October 19, 2012

Beach Rugs Bring the Beach to You

Girls Longboard Rug
There are a number of novelty rugs that allow people to bring certain themes into their rooms. The array of beach rugs available now allows people to add a touch of the beach to a recreation room, bathroom or even their bedroom.

Among the different design used for beach rugs are the styles created to look like surfboards. The surfboard rugs are shaped in an elongated style with a pointed tip and flat back end. This makes them look exactly like a surfboard. The shape is enhanced by the colors and patterns used on the surface of the rug. The surfboard rugs usually have stripes running down the center section which are in contrast with the solid color used for the rest of the rug. The colors available for these rugs include bright orange, turquoise blue, gray, pink and black. These hip novelty rugs can be used to accent a teenager's bedroom by placing them in front of a bed, dresser or desk. They can also be used to enhance a beach themed bathroom by placing them in front of the tub or shower.

In addition to the rugs created to look like surfboards, there are also other beach themes using turtles and sandals. The sandal rugs are designed to look like a pair of beach flip flops placed side by side. This unusual type of rug has a solid colored outline to create the illusion of the rubber bottom as well as solid colored fibers running down the center in the shape of the thong straps. The main surface area where the foot would normally be placed on the sandal is decorated with patterns of tropical flowers. Sandal rugs can also be used to accentuate a teen's bedroom as well as a child's bedroom. They can also be used in a bathroom or a recreation room designed with tropical d├ęcor.

The turtle rugs are both colorful and whimsical so they can be used in rooms where children play or sleep. These rugs have the classic round shape for the body with protruding sections for the four legs and the head. The outer area on these rugs is solid colored in shades of blue, pink or green, with the inner area made of patterned fibers in the shapes of tropical flowers. All of the beach themed rugs can also be used to accent a sun room, sauna or pool room where the furnishings are also of a beach or tropical nature.


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