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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bring The Beach To You

Welcome To The Beach Sign
Most people are busy 24/7 and can’t take time off to go to the beach. Juggling work and kids, and making time to cook can take up your whole day. Finding something to take you away from it all can make your day a lot more enjoyable. If you’re crazy about the beach and the way it makes you feel—bring the beach to you.

When you need a getaway but don’t have the time, decorate your home with vintage surf art to give you the view you long for. Swaying palm trees and waves crashing on the shore can make you feel like you’re really there.

Remember the good ol’ days by hanging some beach wall decor of an old vintage VW hippie van, or cover your light switch with a beach scene to brighten your day every time you flip the switch. Add some sea shells and flip flops, and maybe a hermit crab to complete the scene.

Hang 10 with surfer beach signs, cook some crabs and lobster to eat beside your old beach shack restaurant sign, or turn a spritzer fan on and enjoy some saltwater taffy while sitting in front of your own view of the ocean.

Out by the pool is a great place to decorate as well. Place a surfboards by the fence, some sand by the pool, and some vintage surf art on the walls to create your own blue lagoon.

There are many ways you can bring the beach to you. Decorating with vintage beach wall art will make your home feel like a new exciting place or maybe a familiar old one you love so much.


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