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Friday, October 5, 2012

Complete Your Beach Bedroom

Surfboard bedding Blacks Beach
Particularly during the cold winter months, people are longing to spend a vacation in a tropical paradise. Decorating the house with reminders of a fun time on the beach is definitely the way to go.

There are many beach bedding patterns that can bring a drab bedroom alive with color. Hawaiian bedding brings the flavor of the Aloha state, while surfer bedding is perfect for those who love to have fun on the water.

Children particularly will enjoy having beach themed bedding in their room. Decorating a child's room with tropical bedding will remind them of the outdoor fun that awaits them in the spring.

Among the beach themed bedding designs available is Beach Bedding Bayside, a quilt made of soft machine washable cotton. Bayside comes in a beautiful combination of tan, golden yellow, sea foam green and coral.

A distinctive tropical bedding pattern is Tropical Comforter Island Paradise. This design has a background of bright yellow and whites surrounded by the typical deep blues and greens of the Caribbean Sea. The foreground features palm trees and warm tropical flowers.

There are several surfer bedding designs to choose from, such as Beach Surf Bedding Little Waimea. This is a quilt featuring several beach scenes in the foreground, such as palm trees on a beach plus starfish and seashells. The background contains different shades of yellow, blue, white and green.

There are several Hawaiian bedding designs to choose from, such as Hawaiian Print Bedding Pink Wahini. This has a red background covered with white and pink surfboards flowers and leaves of different sizes and shapes. Pillow covers and other accessories are available with this design.

Choosing the best beach bedding design can be hard because they all bring the beach to you!


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